Providing Web based systems for
Schools and Colleges that give you:


  • Reprographic Request and Costing Management for Departments
  • Lesson Resource Set up and Request for Practical activities
  • Resource Booking for Rooms, Facilities and Equipment
  • Revenue from Resources Outsourced to the Community
  • Booking from Individually Matched Teacher Class Timetables


  • Reprographics and Costing

    This system allows you to specify orders of reprographic materials and control their number, appearance and format allowing any type of document or booklet to be ordered and reproduced.

    The cost of the document is logged simultaneously as the order is created, generating a running total allowing the user to keep track of their spending.
    Detailed reports of all costs can be produced to allow budget holders monitor and control costs.
    Reprographic Technicians can preview requests giving them full control over the quality of all orders, their origin and costs.
    Users can copy and amend requests provided their amendment takes place within a given time-frame determined by the organisation
    All our systems are Web-Based meaning that they can be accessed through any computer at any time.
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  • Technician and Support Services Request

    This system allows departments which have their own technical support to request any resources or equipment directly from their technicians or support staff.
    The system is very wide ranging including lesson set up requests for technicians and special requests to premises and support staff for equipment.
    Class room incidents or damage to resources can be monitored and reported instantly which is useful for technicians to facilitate subsequent lessons and make replacements.
    Requests can be saved to a print request list; thus allowing the technician to download and print a record containing resource items which may need to be sourced from different locations.
    Typical departments using this system would be Science, Art, Design and Technology or ICT.
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  • Room, Facility and Equipment Booking

    This system allows you to book rooms, facilities and equipment that are shared across an organisation or within a department.


    This allows reservation, delivery and management of resources directed to the appropriate technician or member of support staff.
    ICT rooms, equipment  and vacant  rooms/facilities can be reserved day or evening from the school timetable. .
    Considerable income can be generated through outsourcing school facilities to the general public.which can be booked through Admin' Staff.
    Staff can check the availability of resources at a glance by checking the visual display in list bookings for that resource or group of resources .

    The Technician or Support staff always know where and when a particular resource is required because they have their personalised screen of bookings.

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  • Additional Associated Programs

    Teachers Timetable

    We offer individual teacher timetables which can be modified at any time allowing teachers to select a lesson at a glance. This makes it easy for teachers to book resources. The school calendar allows each user to be aware of any events taking place which may affect lesson requirements


    This system  is meant to complement your VLE system and is restricted to the storage of every day lesson documentation and schemes of work for staff to view and select or call up for Reprographics.

    Request Support Facility

    This system helps administrators to back-up daily requests through internal email in the unlikely event of a intra-net or organisation network failure.

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  • Key Advantages of our Systems


    Providing Real Added Value that will Enable You To:


    Free up more time for delivery to learners

    Save money - Better spent facilitating learners

    Outsource facilities to generate income
    Interact with all departments through direct messaging
    Ensure there are no double bookings
    Reduce photocopying costs
    Receive email confirmation of reprographic orders

    Customise your departmental order and cut off time

    Benefit from Technician's expertise in all areas

    Simultaneous Period and/or Time Booking
    And Importantly
    Work Together With Us